Even though millions of people use wheelchair stair lifts every single day, there are many common misconceptions about wheelchair stair lifts that a lot of people have, and that need to be debunked in order to facilitate a better and clearer understanding of stair lifts and the people who use them. Many people have a wheelchair stair lift installed for a variety of reasons in their homes, residential, or commercial buildings. Read on to learn more about some common myths about wheelchair stair lifts and why they are untrue. Lane Enterprises LLC is a top provider of accessibility equipment in Florida, providing the highest quality state-of-the-art technology accessibility equipment to expand accessibility and aid mobility for those who need it. If you’re looking for “stair lifts near me,” call Lane Enterprises United LLC in Lutz, FL to order today!


Common Stairlift Myths To Be Informed About


There are many unfortunate myths and misconceptions about stairlifts and the people who use them. Here are a couple common myths debunked:

  • Only little old grandmother types use stair lifts- People of all age groups and backgrounds who struggle with stairs are stair lift users, not just bent-back grandmas. You may have a trick knee from an old basketball injury, or a bad back from a motorcycle accident. Pain and mobility problems don’t discriminate, and can affect anybody. A stair lift is a simple way to increase mobility and access to all areas of your house.
  • A stair lift won’t fit my stairs- No matter what the length, curve, or width, Lane Enterprises United LLC will be able to provide a stair lift to fit virtually any set of stairs if you are looking for “stair lifts near me.” There are two basic types of stairways: curved and straight. The type of stairway you have will determine what stair lift will apply to you. If your stairs are a single flight of straight stairs, then a straight stair lift will be adequate. Any other type of configuration will necessitate a curved stair lift. 


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  • The stair lift will get in the way- When not in use, there is a parking option available for curved stair lifts. The rail can be extended and wrapped around a bannister or corner at the bottom or top of the stairs, so that the stairs are totally free to access when the chair is parked. Adding a flip-up rail to a straight stair lift solves the issue of getting the rail out of the way at the bottom of the stairs where this is often a doorway.
  • The stair lift installation will be a hassle- A straight stair lift can typically be installed in less than two hours, and the unit mounts on the stairs, not on the wall, so it can be quite straightforward for a professional. A curved stair lift is a lot more complicated but still takes no more than one day in the majority of cases.


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