According to the latest numbers released by the United States Census Bureau, almost one in five people in the U.S. have a disability. For people who are in the population of the mobility-impaired, many people utilize a scooter or wheelchair as a way to increase their convenience and travel more extensively. Wheelchairs and scooters are perfect for moving around your home, thelocal store, and for getting around the neighborhood when you are mobility impaired. In order to get into a vehicle when using a wheelchair, you may need a wheelchair lift. When choosing a vehicle lift to transport your scooter or wheelchair, it’s important to take into consideration whether you will be driving yourself or will be the driver for another passenger. Many people who have disabilities are able to maintain their independence on the road with the assistance of the correct equipment. When shopping for wheelchair lifts for vehicles, it’s important to keep certain things in mind. Read on for more tips on how to choose wheelchair lifts for vans and other vehicles. Lane Enterprises United LLC is a top provider of wheelchair and stair lifts in Florida. Call Lane Enterprises United LLC at our Lutz, FL office today!


Things To Remember When Shopping For Wheelchair Lifts


There are many things to take into consideration when shopping for wheelchair lifts for vans or other types of vehicles. It’s important to stop and think about whether the model that you have chosen is easily portable, and research your options when it comes to available wheelchair and mobility scooter lifts. Car lifts for mobility scooters and wheelchairs are an essential tool for every user of scooters or chairs, which is why it’s crucial that you choose the correct one to suit both your vehicle and your wheelchair or scooter. A vehicle mobility lift, or wheelchair lift, is a tool that assists users who are physically impaired to get around by themselves or with the help of assistants. This is a great option for mobility product owners who have to charge their scooters or wheelchairs, and also for those who are looking to travel longer distances. Putting a vehicle lift in a car or van means that a scooter or wheelchair is able to be safely stored within the car without a lot of effort, and then transported to its destination to be put to use. Having the right vehicle lift can often be the difference between a homebound life or being able to explore the world and enjoy experiences that many able-bodied individuals take for granted.


Shopping For Wheelchair Lifts For Vehicles?


It’s important to choose a lift that has controls easily accessed either via remote or from within the car. The two biggest decisions you have to make when choosing the right vehicle lift are:

  • Where will the wheel lift be used?- You need to decide whether you are going to utilize the lift through the rear or side doors of the vehicle. While both options are viable, not all models are made to work in both locations
  • What is the weight of the passenger?- Next, you have to figure out the combined weight of the scoot/wheelchair and of the user. Sliding/single arm lifts that have either one fixed and one sliding armor one arm in a fixed position will  have a lift capacity of around 600-800 pounds. This type of lift will allow the front passenger seat to tilt back, whereas fixed dual-arm lifts do not. 


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When choosing wheelchair lifts for vehicles, there are certain things to keep in mind. Lane Enterprises United LLC is a top provider of wheelchair lifts for vans and other vehicles. Call Lane Enterprises United LLC in Lutz, FL today to find out more!