Stairs can often be an encumbrance between getting where you want to go. Thankfully, with today’s technology, they no longer have to be an obstacle between where you are and where you need to be. Stairlifts and residential elevators are both fantastic pieces of equipment that can take the pain and strain away from walking up and down the stairs when it is difficult to do so, such as when bearing a heavy load or when injured. Whether you are trying to get back to the comfort of your bedroom when your day is done or head downstairs to the laundry room, both of these pieces of equipment can assist you. Here at Lane Enterprises United LLC, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for many individuals through home modification devices such as the wheelchair lift. When choosing between stairlifts and residential elevators, it’s important to be informed so that you make the choice that will benefit you the most for years to come. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of these two choices and what may suit you the most. If you are looking online for a provider of “stair lifts near me” in Florida, call Lane Enterprises United LLC today!


What To Know About Residential Elevators


Residential elevators are the more expensive option, but they can help to add value to your home. Moreover, residential elevators are stylish and customizable. Basically, they are more of an investment- they can be a great addition to your home and may even be a perk that future buyers would look for. But the cost factor should be considered when deciding to put in an elevator lift. 


We Provide The Top Wheelchair Lift


You may be looking for “stair lifts near me”- what should you be looking for? A stairlift consists of a motorized chair that one of our certified technicians can put in for you in a matter of a few hours. Whether the staircase is straight or curved, there is a lift that will fit and complement your home. A stair lift will suit you best if your home has two floors and you don’t have enough space for a residential elevator. Usually, stairlifts are also the more affordable option of the two. A stairlift also does not take up too much space on your staircase- while in use, a stairlift can be totally foldable and the rail doesn’t take  up much space on the stairs themselves. If you use a wheelchair or powerchair, however, this may not be the best option for your needs, since you will have to get out in and out of the chair with little to no assistance with this type of lift. A residential elevator is ideal since the user doesn’t have to leave their wheelchair or powerchair to use the device.


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There are certain differences you should be aware of between a stairlift and a residential elevator lift so that you can make the best choice for your property. If you are looking for a provider of “stair lifts near me” in the Florida area, call Lane Enterprises United LLC today!