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We Offer The Best Cushions

When it comes to choosing comfort for your wheelchair, one of the most important factors is the cushion. Sure, when you’ve just been using a wheelchair, the cushions may not be a priority on the list of concerns. However, the type of cushion you choose can be the deciding factor in a comfortable chair versus a chair that will wreak havoc on your back, so choose your cushions wisely.

Here are the three most common types of cushions used today. Which one is best for you!

  • Foam Cushions
    • Just like mattresses, there are now wheelchair cushions that are equipped with memory foam. These types of foams can adapt to any shape and provides an even level of support. Another benefit of using foam cushions is that they are, for the most part, relatively inexpensive. You should note, however, that foam cushions tend to wear down faster than some other materials.


  • Gel Cushions
    • These cushions are typically comprised of pouches that are filled with gel and attached to a foam base. The purpose of gel cushions is to help with the support of any muscles that have atrophied or are on the verge of atrophy. Gel cushions are widely known for their amazing ability to redistribute pressure along varying areas of the body.
    • One of the downsides to gel cushions is that they tend to be rather heavy. From time to time, the gel can also separate, leaving you with nothing more than a flat cushion that doesn’t serve its purpose at all. They are also not known for softening any sort of impact.


  • Air Cushions
    • These cushions support the body on a literal bed of air. This helps to spread pressure evenly by air as it is shifted out to surrounding balloons. These cushions provide support similar to a gel cushion, but without the risk of thinning out or separating.

There are not many downsides to air cushions, although they can be a little less stable for individuals who are constantly on the go.


Our Wheelchair Lift Company Has The Perfect Cushion

When many wheelchair users think of a seat cushion, comfort comes to mind. However, a seat cushion provides benefits well beyond comfort, including pressure management and positioning that can reduce fatigue and enhance seated balance throughout the day. Surely, not everyone’s positioning and sense of comfort are the same, so understanding cushion technologies are key to selecting the right cushion for you.


Seat Cushions are designed to offer:

  • Comfort
  • Pressure management
  • Positioning
  • Increased sitting stability


There are many wheelchair cushions available – including foam, gel, and air technologies – and in understanding the benefits and limitations of each one, you can decide which is best for you.

Cushion Varieties

  • Foam Cushions
  • Gel Cushions
  • Air Cushions


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