As people get older, there is a chance that they will lose the ability to climb up stairs. This can pose an extreme challenge when it comes to the functioning of your home. If your home has stairs, but you have a loved one who is unable to walk up them you may find yourself being stressed out trying to figure out a solution to this problem, especially if selling your home isn’t an option. This is why a lot of people are considering having stairlifts installed into their homes. However, most people don’t know who to talk to about getting this done or what to even look for when shopping for these lifts or a wheelchair lift for home. Lane Enterprises United LLC is a medical supply store servicing national customers that can help you understand the different products available and which could be right for your needs.


What To Look For In Stairlifts

A lift chair is a vital piece of equipment for anyone who needs help getting up or down the stairs. If your house is more than one story and a loved one can’t climb the stairs, it can be difficult or even dangerous for them to live in the house. These lifts are a mechanical chair that is attached to the stairs and used to transport a resident up and down the stairs whenever needed. They are designed to be plugged into an electrical outlet, but there are also options to have the lift be battery operated, so they’re able to work during a power outage. These are an excellent option for anyone who is able to walk but just as difficulty navigating steps safely.


There is a distinct difference between a seat lift and a wheelchair lift for home. A seat lift is just a chair that is attached to a track on the staircase. This equipment is best used for anyone who can walk around but just can’t climb stairs. A wheelchair lift looks more like an elevator. They are designed with an enclosed platform that can hold a wheelchair to bring a person up or down to the next level of a home. These devices are for residents who don’t have the ability to walk around and use wheelchairs.


Once you figure out which lift is best for your needs, you have to investigate your home to figure out where you need to have a lift installed. They should be installed in any location where there are stairs, both inside and outside your house. The most common locations for these devices are interior stairs, porch stairs, and outside staircases leading to your front or back door. When people hear that a lift needs to be installed outside they immediately start questioning what will happen during severe weather like snow or rain. The outdoor stair lifts that are installed are weatherproof so they can withstand any temperature or weather. They all feature vinyl seats that are waterproof as well as being comfortable and safe.


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