A stair lift is a profitable solution that one should consider for a patient or a family member that has difficulty navigating stairs. Getting up and down the stairs can become difficult for seniors; moreover, one missed step can cause a serious injury. To help make the buying process easier, here are things to consider when thinking of purchasing a stair chair lift. And, if your question is – “who provides stair lifts near me,” then your answer is Lane Enterprises United, LLC. We can provide a stair chair lift for those in need all over the country. 

The Chair Lift Will Provide Mobility for Those in Need

The most important thing that should be kept in mind when buying a stair lift is the user’s mobility. This will conclude whether or not a stair lift is the safest mobility solution. When reaching out to a local dealer, be sure to explain the needs of the user so that they can provide you with the best possible solution. So, looking for stair lifts near me? Find a good company that produces them.

What Type of Stair Chair Lift to Consider 

  •   Straight Staircase– Straight stairs are stairs that are without any turns, curves, or immediate landings. If the staircase is straight, then a standardized straight rail stair lift will be ideal. These types of models have standardized rails and have a much faster completion time.
  •   Staircases with Landings/Curved staircases – Staircases that have turns, curves, or immediate landings- require a curved rail stair lift. These types of models have a curved rail, which should always be custom built to fit the home. The time to reach your finishing point is often much longer and the cost much higher for curved staircases.

If the staircase has an instant landing, two straight lifts can be considered. On the other hand, a curved model is often the better solution as it will not require the user to get off one lift and on the other at the immediate landing. Again, all this depends on the user’s mobility, that’s the reason why it is the number one thing to consider.

Always Consider Your Budget

Before taking a deep dive into stair lift research, it is essential to have an idea about how much you want to spend. The price of a new straight rail stair lift starts at $2,950. On the other hand, a new curved stair lift starts at $9,500. Straight rail models are more affordable than curved rail models, however, when all is considered, each model is much more reasonable than moving into a single-level home or a senior living community.

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