For us humans, mobility is often something we don’t think a whole lot about, but the truth is that some of us may have difficulty with stairs, or may not even be able to walk. This is where wheelchair lifts come into play. These are fantastic modern innovations that can help carry those who cannot handle steps go up and down their homes or the homes of their family members. We at Lane Enterprises United LLC have helped provide many Florida homeowners with the installation of a wheelchair lift for home. One thing we want go over, however, is safety tips when handling a stair chair. Despite how safe they may seem, there are still some important safety details to go over to ensure no one is ever hurt while riding them. We are located in Lutz, FL.


Be Safe Around Stairlifts

A stairlift is a fantastic way to help those who either cannot walk up and down stairs or who struggles with walking up and down stairs to avoid injury. That said, there are a handful of ways a wheelchair lift can be misused and inadvertently cause injuries. For example, while it may seem silly, it’s very important that the rider buckle themselves in as they would while riding a car. You might not be on a thrill ride, but if someone accidentally leans the wrong way, they could find themselves tumbling down the stairs. This could not only cause injuries, but may even prove fatal in the worst of cases. This isn’t a risk worth taking, so buckling up is very important, as silly as it may seem. That’s not the only danger, though.


Other Stair Chair Safety Tips

  • Fold the chair when it’s not in use
    • An easy way for someone not paying attention to run into the chair and possibly tumble down the stairs is by leaving the chair down while not in use. This is especially dangerous for children who can often be running around without looking for potential hazards.
  • Take caution with loose clothing or accessories
    • Long skirts, scarves, or other dangling items might get snagged in the chair’s track. This will not only ruin the items in question, but potentially cause damage to the track and cause it to cease functioning.
  • Don’t let children play on the stairlift
    • A wheelchair lift is not a fun ride, and children riding it for fun could easily get hurt if they fall out of it. Luckily, there are child-safety features that come with these devices to prevent them from using the lift without the help of an adult.
  • Only allow one rider at a time
    • These devices are designed for one person at a time. More weight can possibly overload the machine, and the extra person will also be less stable and more susceptible to falling.
  • Avoid riding with liquids
    • It’s possible that a spilled liquid could damage the machine if you drop a glass while in motion. If you’re looking to take up a drink, try to do so only with sealed containers.


Contact Us for a Wheelchair Lift For Home

If you or someone you know struggles with stairs, then consider investing in a stair chair. When used correctly, these devices can add a major improvement to the quality of life for those who need it. This also applies to the family of someone who’s wheelchair bound or who struggles with climbing. When looking for a wheelchair lift for home in Florida, consider us at Lane Enterprises United LLC. Contact us today for more info on our products.