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By getting rid of the stairs as an obstacle, a stairlift allows users to no longer have to worry about zipping downstairs for their glasses or nipping upstairs to the bathroom. Choosing the right stairlift for you is all about understanding your needs and wants and then choosing the most appropriate solution. We have been doing this for decades here at Lane Enterprises United, and offer at home stair lifts for people who are wheelchair bound and wheelchair lifts for car/vans/trucks. We are dedicated to providing accessibility and freedom for those who are wheelchair bound or lack mobility. If you are looking for top stairlift companies in Florida, call our office in Lutz, FL today!

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Lane Enterprises United is a top provider of quality stairlifts and wheelchair lifts because of our longstanding reputation of reliability and affordability. Lane Enterprises stairlifts are built on the principles of reliable design, pleasing aesthetics, safety, and long-term value. From the osteoarthritis suit we utilize in our design team, to the wood trims we offer on our different products, all the way to our seatbelt sensors, we constantly work to develop innovative features to keep our stairlifts at the cutting edge of technology and design in order to ensure a satisfied customer. We are committed to the idea that not all stairlifts should be the same- just like every home and every person has their unique needs, we offer a wide array of features across our products, along with a wide range of upholstery choices in order for our customers to get the perfect stairlift for them and their home.

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The use of the wheelchair lift has provided people who have mobility disabilities with much more convenience. For many people who have problems with mobility, they don’t want to leave their home- moving isn’t just about leaving a house, but about leaving a home that is full of memories you don’t want to leave behind. But for those whose mobility is limited, a single stair can become the obstacle that limits independence. This does not necessarily have to be the case. There are solutions available for wheelchair users who are considering home elevator or lift options in order to stay in their home. Wheelchair lifts provide a safe, convenient way to access your home, since it is appropriate for indoor or outdoor installation, unlike a home elevator. In order to meet your specific needs and preferences, wheelchair lifts are also available enclosed or unenclosed and designed with skid-resistant flooring for safe access in all weather conditions. By providing wheelchair lifts and stairlifts of the highest quality and most innovative designs, Lane Enterprises United increases accessibility and convenience for those who are limited in their mobility while allowing them to stay in their homes.

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Lane Enterprises, LLC is a top provider of stairlifts and wheelchair lifts in Lutz, FL. For one of the best wheelchair lift and stairlift companies in Florida, call Lane Enterprises United to find out more today!