You may have seen a commercial or two at some point about home-installation lifts for stairs. If not, these are miniature elevators for your home staircases that can automatically transport a person from the top to the bottom or vice versa. This is something that is particularly advantages for individuals who may struggle with walking up and down stairs, dramatically increasing their quality of life at home. Without stair lifts, some may need to endure pain in certain parts of their legs, hips, or back. In other cases, someone may not even be able to reach the higher levels of their home. If you live in Florida, Lane Enterprise may be able to help and have you searching for stair lifts near me. You may have a few concerns, however, as there are some myths about the use of stair lifts that we can debunk.


6 Myths About Stair Lifts

  • Lifts are Only for the Old
    • There are undoubtedly many elderly individuals who could benefit from a stair lift in their homes to help with conditions like arthritis, but there are many more factors than age that can influence a person’s need for lifts. Whether you or someone you love has experienced an injury to the legs or back, or perhaps has certain disabilities, a lift may be beneficial. No one should be forced to endure unnecessary pain in their own home when alternatives exist.
  • Lifts are Only for Certain Stair Sizes
    • Stair lifts come in all shapes and sizes to fit your home needs. Additionally, there are two different types of stair lifts: straight and curved ones, and all staircases will fit one of the two styles. 
  • A Stair Lift is an Inconvenience for Those That Don’t Use It
    • There are plenty of options for handling the lift when not in use. Depending on the type of lift and the setting of your staircase, you might opt to be able to flip the lift up or perhaps be able to wrap it around the banister. There are many options for taking into account the design of your staircase as well as the location.
  • Installing Stair Lifts is a Nightmare
    • You might be concerned about the installation of the lift, or the constant presence of a professional in your home. In truth, stair lifts can often be installed in a short amount of time in a single day. Lifts for straight staircases are typically shorter, possibly about 2 hours, whereas curved staircases may take a bit longer.
  • You Must Be Small and Light Enough to Use a Stair Lift
    • Having your legs measured beforehand, if you’re concerned with your height, can help a specialist to find the right lift for you. In regards to weight, many lifts can carry up to 400 lbs, making them accessible to almost everything.
  • Lifts are Too Expensive
    • It’s true that stair lifts would cost money to purchase and install, as do most things, but when faced with alternative solutions for someone in need of staircase transportation, there’s little competition. Moving to a one-level home can be expensive and inconvenient, as is renovating your house to accommodate your needs. Even worse are the potential hospital visits one might have for falls or other stair-related accidents without a lift.


Lifts for Stairs Can Save Lives

Many reasons one might install a stair lift in their home ultimately allows them to comfortably and safely traverse the stairs in their home. For those that can still walk up and down their stairs, but experience pain or struggle, there’s always the risk of falling. Falling is serious and can result in injury or death. Your life is priceless and precious, and no one should have to be faced with unsafe conditions in their own home.


Contact Now for Stair Lifts Near Me

If you or someone you care about suffers from an injury or condition that makes it difficult to climb or descend stairs, don’t wait. Consider lifts for stairs. Contact us here in Florida so we can help you install a safer solution, as you can find stair lifts near me. We can work to quickly and efficiently install a lift with your home stairs in mind and within a fair budget. No one should have to live with unnecessary pain just by living in their own home.