Are you looking for creative ways to increase your home values? Have you ever considered making accessibility renovations? Here at Lane Enterprises United LLC, our team of professionals is here to make sure you know all about home accessibility and how to incorporate them into your home. We specialize in wheelchair lifts for vans. Our team is conveniently located in Florida.


Time To Make The Accommodations

For some, it’s necessary to remodel a home for the use and comfort of themselves or a loved one. For others, accessibility modifications are a long-term, strategic decision that will allow them to comfortably age at home. Still some of those involved in the ownership and management of properties may choose to modify their holdings to develop more comfortable, inviting locations and gain a larger market demographic.


Regardless of their situation, it’s common for homeowners to worry about damaging their home’s resale value when making accessible renovations.


However, making informed, practical, and architecturally sound home accessibility modifications can actually increase a home’s value, in addition to its comfort and usability.


We Know The Trick To Home Accessibility

Many people fear that home accessibility modification will make their house feel less like a home and more like a medical ward, dragging down future resale value as a result. It doesn’t have to be that way. To avoid clinical alterations, any modifications to the home should be in line with the building’s natural architectural flow and aesthetic. Our specialists are here to help.


Accordingly, it’s strongly recommended that homeowners consult with an architect or residential designer, contractor, and an occupational therapist before committing themselves to design plans. If possible, consult with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) residential designer.


The trick is to inform modifications with universal-design (UD) principles. Using UD, architectural, and interior design that both complements the original home design and improves the overall layout of the residence is possible. The ultimate goal is to implement useful modifications in such a way that the average person viewing a home won’t realize that the house has been modified for accessibility.


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For those with physical limitations, Lane Enterprises designs and installs the optimal solutions to provide liberation from your restraints. Where there are restrictions, limitations, challenges, and frustrations, our local teams of experts will work relentlessly until you are completely satisfied.


The vision of Lane Enterprises United, LLC is “accessibility for everyone, everywhere.” We believe that our success is based on making the life of people more convenient and that we will achieve this, by acting according to our core values: personal, professional, and progressive. If you’re looking for a wheelchair lift for sale, Lane Enterprises United, LLC is here to help.


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