Stairlifts are a terrific tool that provides those who have limited or reduced mobility a viable, smooth, and reliable way to enjoy all levels of their home. Essentially, stairlifts allow such users to be independent within the comfort of their own home, which is key to self-esteem, autonomy, and mental health. Moreover, this also allows those who have mobility issues to not totally unroot their life and move into accessible accommodation. However, it’s important to keep in mind that stairlifts are still complicated pieces of machinery, which is why it’s crucial that the necessary safety precautions are taken to safeguard your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others along with the stairlift itself. Read on to learn more about some safety tips to remain safe when using your electric stair lift. If you are looking for a wheelchair lift for home use in Florida, call Lane Enterprises United LLC at our Lutz, FL office today!


Tips To Safe Stairlift Use


Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when using your electrical wheelchair lift for home accessibility:

  • Strap in securely- The number one rule when it comes to stairlifts is to always strap yourself into the chair no matter if you’re going up or down securely. Every single year there are many cases of serious falls among stairlift users due to the fact that they fell into bad habits by not strapping themselves securely into their seats. Throughout the course of a stairlift’s journey, the individual is moved with a sideways force which makes having a solid and grounded center of mass absolutely key. When you strap yourself into a Lane Enterprises United LLC stairlift, if you are securely strapped in, you will be 100% safe.
  • Prevent railway obstruction- For stairlifts to be able to function effectively, the chair has to be able to travel up the full length of the wall rail without being obstructed by any objects or clothing. If anything like this happens then the stairlift could just jam, which leaves you stuck mid staircase. If you live with lowered mobility, then being left stranded in the middle of a staircase is a bad situation, since trying to get back down on your own will come with its own risks of injury and stress.
  • Put in cushioning to make the chai comfortable on trips- It’s essential that your stairlift chair is as accommodating and comfortable as possible, since you will end up using it a lot. Just like with most household fixtures, people tend to want to add their own touches to make things more comfortable for themselves, and it is common to put in extra cushioning and upholstery additions.

Using Your Electric Stair Lift Safely

  • Only take one person at a time- The rail that the chair travels on is fixed into the wall with a trail of hard-wearing metal brackets. When you add the weight of a person to the equation, the rail will need to cope with a lot of weight, and while the chair is designed to safely handle a single person, it is not designed to handle multiple people. 
  • Make sure that your stairlift has reliable power backup- For those suffering from mobility issues, a stairlift becomes an essential functional component of the household since it facilitates travel to the upper area of their home. If the unthinkable happens and the house is left without electricity, you will want a backup. Luckily, most modern stairlifts are powered by a high-performance battery pack which charges when the stairlift is resting. It’s key to fit your unit with a reliable battery cell and keep it well maintained.


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