Curved Stair Lifts


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Weight Capacity:350 lb (159 kg)
Seat Size:19″ x 15″ D x 24″ H
Speed:20 FPM

  • Narrower profile
  • Extremely quiet, smooth ride
  • True-Curve rail with advanced bending technology creates smoother turns

Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift

Reach New Heights!

At United Lane Enterprises LLC every custom built Harmar Helix curved stair lift that is as unique as its owner and delivers on quality, form, and function. This wheelchair stair lift has a slimmer sleeker design, ergonomic seating and premium upholstery, you’ll get the comfort, safety and whisper quiet operation you expect.


Does This Interest You?

If you’re looking for a high quality wheelchair stair lift, try out our Hamar Helix Curved Stair Lift! Contact us to find out further details! (813) 426-1627