Cargo Lifts & Dumbwaiters

New Design

Unlike other dumbwaiters that are built like mini-elevators—with complex pulley systems, guide rails and traveling control cables—the Ascent comes complete. The entire drive system is a chair lift installation that is pre-installed on the underside of the car, with the car’s chassis/trolley pre-installed on a section of the track. 

Lane Enterprises United, LLC stays true to the vision of “accessibility for everyone, everywhere.” We truly believe that our success is constituent on making the life of people everywhere more convenient, and are dedicated to achieving this goal through acting out our core value of service that is personal, professional, and progressive. One highly important piece of technology that we at Lane Enterprises United, LLC offer are cargo lifts and dumbwaiters. While dumbwaiters may have a funny name, its use is invaluable in commercial kitchens and residential homes. It’s a simple yet important invention that with today’s technology has been able to aid in the transport of food, laundry, luggage, or anything else you don’t want to (or physically cannot) lug up and down the stairs. Our dumbwaiter cargo lifts are easily installed to provide accessibility in cars, buildings, and more. 

If you are elderly or have a disability that prevents you from readily going up and down the stairs with heavy objects, a dumbwaiter is perfect in helping to transport those items for you, like groceries and luggage. Using an elevator will reduce the physical stress that comes from old age and disabilities. Awkward positions and heavy physical work are the two largest causes of neck injuries, according to WebMD. Get a dumbwaiter and you can save yourself the pain and stress, especially if you are elderly or cannot easily go up and down the stairs.

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Here at Lane Enterprises United LLC we focus on making reliable products for you! See our options for cargo Lifts & dumbwaiters below!


  • Home

Capacity: 100 lb (45 kg) – Available up to 150 lb (68 kg)
Motor:1/2 HP, 90V DC
Electric Supply:120V AC grounded circuit

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Comes with car & drive system pre-mounted on the track
  • Cable drive system pre-installed on car


  • Home
  • Commercial
  • Church

Rated Load: 350 lbs (160 kgs)
Drive: AC Powered, 3/16″ diameter aircraft cable
Power Supply: 115 VAC 20 amp grounded circuit

  • Extruded aluminum track available in custom lengths
  •  Operates on 115 VAC household current
  • Platform folds to save space when not in use


  • Home

Capacity: 350 lbs
Mounting Type: Surface, Bolts
Construction: Stainless Steel

  • 350 lb. capacity 
  • Meets and exceeds ADA specifications
  • Surface, bolt mounting


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