Chair Lifts

Our Vision & Values

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The vision of Lane Enterprises United, LLC is “accessibility for everyone, everywhere”. We believe that our success is based on making the life of people more convenient and that we will achieve this, by acting according to our core values: personal, professional and progressive. If you’re looking for a wheelchair lift for sale, Lane Enterprises United, LLC is here to help.

Stair Lifts

The Flexible Stairlift

Stair lifts provide a safe way to access multi-levels within your home. We have a stair solution to suit every staircase, whether it’s straight or curved. Getting around in your own home shouldn’t be difficult. With a lift, your mobility becomes simple! Contact Lane Enterprises United, LLC for a stair lift that is perfect for your home.

Vehicle Lifts

The Flexible Vehicle Lifts

Lane Enterprises United, LLC has the perfect vehicle mobility lift solution for you, no matter what kind of car you drive. Whether you drive a sedan, minivan, SUV, or pickup truck, you can stow your wheelchair or mobility scooter with ease without sacrificing the features of your automobile. Our lifts are designed specifically to suit any car. If you’ve got places to go, we make it simple to take your mobility device with you! Contact us for a wheelchair lift for sale near you.

Platform Lifts

The Flexible Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are a great lift option for indoor and outdoor access. If there’s somewhere you need to go, Lane Enterprises United, LLC can help get you there. With platform lifts, there is no transferring required and you have easy, multi-level access to your home, back porch and more. Stairs are no longer a challenge when you have a platform lift to elevate your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

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“The team at Lane Enterprises United, LLC was able to solve my problems effectively. Whether you need stair lifts, vehicle lifts, and/or platform lifts they have a solution for you!”

Amanda K.

“Lane Enterprises United, LLC was amazing! They helped me find the right medical equipment to suit my needs. No other company has been so willing to help. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for medical equipment.”

Lauren L.

Lane Enterprises United LLC has been serving people around the United States for years! Call one of the most trusted chair lift companies at 813-972-1876.