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For those with physical limitations, Lane Enterprises designs and installs the optimal solutions to provide liberation from your restraints.Where there are restrictions, limitations, challenges and frustrations, our local teams of experts will work relentlessly until you are completely satisfied.

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Stair Lift

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts provide a safe way to access multi-levels within your home. We have a stair solution to suit every staircase, whether it’s straight or curved.


Vehicle Lifts

You can count on us to lift and transport your scooter, power chair or wheelchair inside or outside your vehicles.

Lane Enterprise

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts ensure easy access to raised porches, desks and other elevated areas for commercial and residential applications.

The Lane Enterprises United, LLC Difference

Outstanding Service & Support

Free on-site Consultations

Flexible Options

Expert Installation & Service

Warranty Protection


Home Accessibility to Increase Resale Value

Home Accessibility to Increase Resale Value

Are you looking for creative ways to increase your home values? Have you ever considered making accessibility renovations? Here at Lane Enterprises United LLC, our team of professionals is here to make sure you know all about home accessibility and how to incorporate...

Handicap Mobility: Staying Fit From Your Wheelchair

Handicap Mobility: Staying Fit From Your Wheelchair

Who says you can't stay fit just because you are in a wheelchair? The professionals at Lane Enterprises United LLC are here to tell you that we know how to help. When it comes to handicap mobility, we are the professionals to trust. Our company specializes in...


“The team at Lane Enterprises United, LLC was able to solve my problems effectively. Whether you need stair lifts, vehicle lifts, and/or platform lifts they have a solution for you!”

Amanda K.

“Lane Enterprises United, LLC was amazing! They helped me find the right medical equipment to suit my needs. No other company has been so willing to help. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for medical equipment.”

Lauren L.