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A mobile sit-to-stand lift offering a totally unique and very comfortable sit-to-stand experience, SWL 200 kg/440 lbs.

A mobile sit-to-stand lift for comfortable and active sit-to-stand. Four variants available, SWL 160 kg/350 lbs.

SystemRoMedic™ – Mobile patient lifts for flexibility and versatility

Mobile lifts are patient lifts that roll on the floor and which are thereby easy to move between different locations, rooms and users.

Mobile lifts are a very flexible and versatile alternative offering great solutions for temporary lifting needs, when the exact location of lifting needs is not known beforehand, or where it is just not possible to install a ceiling lift system.

Handicare's SystemRoMedic™ range includes several models with different lifting capacities and featuring many different functionalites. We have mobile patient lifts for all situations, settings and users.